Privacy Policy

In the company Mea Mea, d.o.o. We are aware of the importance of the security of your personal data, so we have always paid great attention to the protection of your personal data. We invite you to read below how our company handles your personal data.

You will find out what personal data we collect about you, on what basis we collect it and for what purposes we process it.

The privacy policy of Mea Mea, d.o.o. is in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia and the GDPR Decree.

The privacy policy covers:

  • contact information Mea Mea, d.o.o. and contact of the data protection officer,

  • legal bases and purposes of personal data processing,

  • the types of personal data we collect,

  • se of cookies and related technologies,

  • manage privacy settings,

  • transmission of personal data,

  • deadlines for the retention of personal data,

  • protection of personal data,

  • the rights of individuals with regard to personal data, including the right to appeal,

  • changes to privacy policy.

Purposes and Use of data

The company Mea Mea, d.o.o. collects, records, edits, stores, transmits and otherwise processes personal data we hold about you for various purposes.

  • individual identification,

  • to provide support to users,

  • in the case of purchase, for the purpose of fulfilling the order (delivery, delivery of products, issuing an invoice, resolving any customer claims (complaints, guarantees),

  • to store the history of purchases,

  • to carry out any recovery procedures and for its own accounting and tax purposes,

  • for the purpose of direct marketing - with free e-news we inform you about events on the online store, general information and special benefits offered by the company on its website,

  • to carry out marketing analyzes,

  • for the purpose of participating in prize games,

  • we may process your personal data if it is in the legitimate interest of Mea Mea d.o.o., unless these interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

What personal information do we collect?

The company Mea Mea, d.o.o. collects, records, edits, stores, transmits and otherwise processes personal data we hold about you for various purposes.

Basic Data

  • basic personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, address of residence, delivery address and telephone number,

  • optical diopter strength,
  • medical prescription,

  • information on purchase and method of payment.

Technical Data

  • the IP address of the Internet-connected device,

  • date and time of access,

  • the name and URL of the called file,

  • website / application through which access was granted (Referrer-URL),

  • the browser and operating system of your device and the name of the access provider.

The technical data is transmitted to the server, where it is temporarily stored in the so-called daily file (log file), for the following purposes:

  • providing a seamless connection,

  • ensuring comfortable use of our website / application,

  • assessing the security and stability of the system.

The legal basis for IP address processing is point f. the first paragraph of Article 6 of the GDPR. Our legitimate interest stems from the above purposes of data processing.

Personal data

We undertake not to pass on the user's data to a third party.

  • Contractor handlers. We may pass on your personal data to persons with whom we have concluded contracts for the processing of your personal data. Purposes of mediation: purposes of support, delivery of orders or processing of payments. They can only access the personal information they urgently need to provide the services they provide for us. They have a duty to protect your personal information.

  • Public information. Some information about you is also publicly available, e.g. information when posting a comment under the product in the online store or commenting on social networks.

Protection of personal data

We use several technical and organizational tools and measures to ensure the maximum security of your personal data. We strive for the highest level of security of your personal data but we cannot guarantee 100% security of the personal data provided and we are not responsible for the theft, destruction, loss or intentional / unintentional disclosure of personal data or information.

During the ordering process, all data during the transfer is protected against unauthorized access with the SSL online security protocol,_2.0,_and_3.0

By clicking on the icon, you can check the validity of the SSL certificate for the server

When paying by credit card or PayPal, you enter the information on the STRIPE and PayPal websites. After entering the data and verifying the data by these companies, you will be redirected back to where the order will be completed.

The store does NOT STORE any credit card information on its servers.

How long do we keep your personal data?

Basic personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, address of residence, delivery address and telephone number: permanently or until revoked by its holder.

Technical data: data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed to achieve the purpose for which they were obtained or. within 36 months at the latest.

Fundamental rights of the individual

In the company Mea Mea, d.o.o. we always enable the exercise of individual rights.

  • Right of acquaintance. The individual has every right to find out what data we collect about the individual, for what purpose and for how long, from where we obtain personal data and who still processes it;

  • Right of deletion. An individual may at any time request that the company Mea Mea, d.o.o. allow the deletion of personal data if this is in accordance with legal obligations;

  • Right of correction. If an individual notices that his or her personal data we hold is incomplete or incorrect, he or she has the right to request correction or addition;

  • Right to limit processing. An individual may request that his personal data be specifically marked and excluded from any processing. The processing limit is time-limited and not permanent as a deletion;

  • Right of portability. At any given moment, an individual may request that personal data be provided to the individual or transferred to the controller at the individual's request;

  • Right to contract;

  • The right to revoke consent. An individual may revoke his or her consent for the purpose of processing personal data at any time.


Personal data controller and Contact

The controller of personal data is Mea Mea, d.o.o., Železna cesta 10C, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana. All questions regarding this Privacy Policy, the confidentiality of your personal data, the method of processing or your requests regarding the exercise of rights in relation to personal data can be addressed to the responsible and / or authorized data protection officer. Questions are accepted at

Thank you for your understanding, we wish you a pleasant use of our website! For all additional questions, we are at your disposal via