Terms and Conditions

All product prices are in EUR and include value added tax (VAT). Prices are guaranteed for the day of the order and are subject to change daily without prior notice.

Orders - Steps of Purchase

1.) Order process.

  1. Pick the mask you like and suits you
  2. Select the type of lens
  3. Fill out your prescription/far distance form
  4. Select the PD (pupillary distance)
  5. Upload your prescription file
  6. Add your order to the cart

2.) You can order goods 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Before ordering goods, you can correct the contents of the order in the shopping cart. You can add products to the cart, change the quantity and delete individual products. If you are sure you want to buy the products you have in your shopping cart, click "place an order". For communication upon delivery of the shipment, check the correctness of the delivery address and your phone number. In the delivery menu you can see the possible delivery costs. Confirm your purchase by clicking "confirm purchase". You will receive an order confirmation immediately at the e-mail address you entered.

3.) Order confirmed - contract concluded.

The seller reviews the order within a maximum of  hours, checks the availability and confirms the order or rejects it with a reason. The provider reserves the right to call the user on his phone number. Upon confirmation of the order, the provider notifies the buyer by e-mail of the estimated delivery time.

4.) Shipped goods.

The seller packs and sends the goods with the attached original invoice and any instructions and warranty card within the promised time.

5.) Saving orders.

The confirmed order or contract is stored in electronic form on the server of the company Mea Mea, d.o.o. The buyer can receive a copy of the contract by sending a request by e-mail to support@rescriptiondivemask.si.

Payments and Delivery

Customer can chooses the following payment methods in the ordering process:

  • by credit card. 
  • PayPal

The provider uses appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transfer and storage of personal data and payments.

Secure authorizations and credit card transactions are handled by Stripe. Credit card authorizations are performed in real time by immediate verification of data with banks. Card information is not recorded on the provider's server.

Promotional codes

  • Discounts apply to retail prices;

  • Inside the cart, which also contains your selected item, you will find space to enter the promotional code;

  • Enter the promotional code in the code entry area;

  • Click on the "use code" button to activate the code;

  • If the code is correct, the system will automatically take into account the benefit that the entered code represents;

  • If the code is incorrect, the system will notify you that you have entered the wrong code.

* Only one promotional code can be used for each purchase.

Items on the website

We allow the possibility of errors in entering technical specifications of items. Images of items may differ from the actual ones.

Complaints and Disputes

The provider complies with applicable consumer protection legislation. The seller must confirm within 5 working days that he has received the complaint and inform the buyer about the progress of the procedure. The provider is aware that the essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as judicial resolution is concerned, is its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute itself. This is also the main obstacle to the consumer not initiating litigation. Therefore, the provider strives to the best of its ability to resolve any disputes amicably.

In case of problems, the buyer can contact the provider (Mea Mea, d.o.o.) via e-mail support@prescriptiondivemask.com. The complaint is submitted via e-mail or in writing to the registered office of Mea Mea, d.o.o., Železna cesta 10C, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana.

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal norms Mea Mea, d.o.o. does not recognize any provider of out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that could be initiated by the consumer in accordance with the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.

In accordance with Regulation (EU) no. Regulation (EC) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (EC) No 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC. Mea Mea, d.o.o. publishes an electronic link to the online consumer dispute resolution (SRPS) platform.

The platform is available to consumers here: