Cressi Nano Dark Diving Mask Black

Cressi Nano Dark Diving Mask Black

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Mask and lenses included.

Brand: Cressi
Gender: Unisex
Mask colour: Black
Lens shape: Two lens
Lens colour: Transparent
Lens coating: No
Air volume: Low
GoPro mount: No
Type of fit: M/L
Recommend use: Spearfishing, Technical

Time Production Time production: 14-21 days

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Cressi Nano Dark Diving Mask Black is a futuristic mask engineered to minimize volume and weight, making it ideal for divers who enjoy underwater activities with the greatest possible degree of freedom. Harpooners, deep divers, and apnea swimmers will be able to push themselves to their limits thanks to the Nano Dark's expansive cone of visibility of 122º horizontally and 107º vertically. It combines a high level of technicality with an innovative, captivating and appealing design. The frame and the skirt of the mask have a very hydrodynamic and compact silhouette and medium dimensions.

Radial Frame
The Nano Dark frame is radial, not axial, and divided into two parts connected by a clip, which surrounds the lens acting as a clamp. This system improves the mask's water-tightness, inhibits uncomfortable contact between the face and lens, and moves the vision from the side to the central area of the frame. Mask's structure is made in one piece with reduced thickness and is very light, weighing only 125 g. Its skirt has optimized gaps and reduced internal volume to the minimum of 85 cm3 and therefore does not require equalizing. The lens-to-face distance has been reduced to the limit. The skirt doesn't make the well known suction effect, and it simply settles on the face. The mask is perfectly watertight, thanks to its design and relation between thickness and silicone rigidity level.

Adjustable Micrometric Buckles
Swiveling buckles are integrated into the frame to better mask stability and adjustable tension with micrometric regulation. This improves the mask's strength because the pressure of the anatomical strap is led over a rigid element. They can be folded entirely and tilted in all directions. That is why they are almost impossible to break.

Angled Tempered Glass Lenses for Fantastic Vision
The angled lenses are extended over the slender structure via soft curved lines over the cheekbones, improving the lower and side visibility, practically unlimited. The key to this amazing visibility level is the silicone-engineered, fully transparent, thin skirt. The extremely thin frame and the delicate frontal area optimize the upper visibility, without damaging the adaptation ability. The reduced lens-to-face distance is a surprising factor that brings the lenses closer to the eyes, with the consequent advantages in relation to visibility and reduction of the internal volume.

Nano Design
The anatomical shape of the Nano Dark Diving Mask Black mask is perfectly matched by the swivel buckles embedded in the mask, which provide a stable and smooth fit. The silicone strap texture of the Nano Dark mask offers an easy and effortless fit, also while wearing gloves. A mask for scuba diving and advanced freediving was conceived with an extremely hydrodynamic and compact design to assist divers in cutting through the water and making it easier to move around in small spaces. Thanks to its reduced weight of just 125 grams and monohull design, the Nano Dark Mirror mask has a greatly reduced distance between the lens and the face, which stops the dreaded suction effect and ensures better sealing and waterproofing.

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