Aqualung Ventura Plus Diving Mask Black

Aqualung Ventura Plus Diving Mask Black

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Mask and lenses included.

Brand: Aqualung
Gender: Unisex
Mask colour: Black
Lens shape: One lens
Lens colour: Transparent
Lens coating: No
Air volume: Normal
GoPro mount: No
Type of fit: S/M
Recommend use: Recreational, Snorkeling

Time Production Time production: 14-21 days

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Type of lens
Aqualung Ventura Plus Diving Mask Black

Dive into clarity with the Aqualung Ventura Plus Diving Mask Black. This sleek, low volume mask is designed for a close and comfortable fit, providing a wide field of vision, so you never miss a moment under the sea. Built with a high-grade silicone skirt, it ensures a watertight seal, while the easy-to-adjust buckles make fitting a breeze. Whether you're exploring coral reefs or training in the pool, this mask is the perfect companion for all your underwater adventures.

Diopter power range:
We can produce Custom Diopter Prescription RX Mineral Optical Glass from -20.00 up to +9.00 diopters, with astigmatism powers and very accurate axis position, and also a prism if you need it.

We focus on precision. Let us bring you back the sharpest vision possible... in any mask with optical mineral glass.

Order your new PRESCRIPTION DIVE MASK to see again underwater.

Key features:
- High-grade silicone skirt for watertight seal
- Easy-to-adjust buckles for perfect fit
- Wide field of vision for unobstructed view
- Sleek, low-volume design for comfort
- Compatible with Custom Diopter Prescription RX Mineral Optical Glass

Our personal opinion:
The Aqualung Ventura Plus Diving Mask Black impresses with its optimal fit and wide field of vision. Customizing diopter lenses is a game-changer for divers with vision impairments, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the underwater world with crystal-clear vision.

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