Hollis M1 Diving Mask Black

Hollis M1 Diving Mask Black

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Mask and lenses included.

Brand: Hollis
Gender: Unisex
Mask colour: Black
Lens shape: One lens
Lens colour: Transparent
Lens coating: No
Air volume: Low
GoPro mount: No
Type of fit: M/L
Recommend use: Recreational, Technical

Time Production Time production: 14-21 days

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The Hollis M1 Diving Mask Black is a great product, and the perfect mask, ideal for the more advanced or intermediate freedivers and spearfishers. With its sleek design and superior quality, the Hollis M1 is the ideal choice for any diving adventure.

Ultra Clear Lens
The Hollis M1 Diving Mask is made from Saint-Gobain DIAMANT® Crystal Clear Lens. This is a high-quality tempered extra clear glass, treated with a special anti-reflective coating, with a low iron content, making it crystal clear and virtually distortion-free, even in low light conditions. This makes the Hollis M1 a great choice for night dives or murky waters, allowing you to see the underwater world with unparalleled clarity. This lens has a high scratch resistance and will not be easily damaged when it comes into contact with rocks or sand on the bottom of the sea or on the shore.

The lens sits directly on your face without any frame around it, which makes it easy to equalise when diving deep underwater. It also means that there’s less chance of water entering the mask if there’s a leak in your equipment or a strong current pulls you over sideways while diving.

Frameless Design
One of the most striking features of the Hollis M1 mask is its frameless design, which not only provides a wide field of vision but also makes it incredibly easy to fold and store in your gear bag. The black silicone skirt is soft and comfortable, providing an excellent seal that keeps water out and ensures a snug fit. The frameless design makes it easy to equalise when diving deep underwater.

The 100% pure silicone skirt of the mask is pliable and adjusts to your face far easier than other masks on the market. This mask is the perfect choice if you travel with your diving gear often or if you like to keep things easy to organise in your gear bag.

Quick And Easy-Adjust System
The Hollis M1 allows you to adjust the mask quickly and easily thanks to the buckle system conveniently integrated into the skirt. Divers can precisely adjust their mask by tightening or loosening the strap as needed, as these buckles are easy to use.

The Hollis M1 diving mask is crafted from high-quality materials that are strong enough to withstand hundreds of dives without losing its shape or performance. So you don't have to worry about replacing your equipment every few years, which can be expensive if you use it frequently.

But the Hollis M1 isn't just functional - it's also stylish. The black silicone skirt and frameless design give it a modern, sleek look that will turn heads both in and out of the water. And with its comfortable fit, you'll forget you're even wearing it - allowing you to focus on the underwater world and your diving experience.

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line diving mask that provides excellent visibility, comfort, and style, the Hollis M1 Diving Mask Black is a perfect choice. Don't settle for anything less than the best - upgrade your diving gear today and experience the underwater world like never before with the Hollis M1.

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