Cressi Calibro Diving Mask Black

Cressi Calibro Diving Mask Black

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Mask and lenses included.

Brand: Cressi
Gender: Unisex
Mask colour: Black
Lens shape: Two lens
Lens colour: Transparent
Lens coating: No
Air volume: Low
GoPro mount: No
Type of fit: S/M
Recommend use: Spearfishing, Technical

Time Production Time production: 14-21 days

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Cressi Calibro Diving Mask Black provides great technicality of Cressi patented Dual Frame Technology, Fog Stop System, tilted lenses, skirt with veins as reinforcements, and a captivating design and medium dimensions that Cressi has been incorporating in different models in the last seasons.

Patented Dual Frame Technology
Cressi Calibro utilized the patented Dual Frame Technology to reduce the mask’s thickness, internal volume and positioned the lenses closer to the eyes for a better field of view. The frame is integrated into the skirt instead of overlapping them, and the result given is similar to frameless masks. This contributes to the mask's water tightness and great lightness, weighing only 118 g, with an internal volume of 85 cm3.

Softer Silicone Skirt with Fog Stop System
The skirt’s design and softer silicone of extremely high quality make the mask even more comfortable and light. The matte external of the skirt reduces sunlight reflections, while the internal surface is glossy, which improves the seal. The skirt has added structural veins for additional rigidity. One of the key elements is the “Fog Stop System,” the innovative system patented by Cressi, and for the first time, designed for the Calibro. The internal part with a curved profile lip goes all around the nose and closes it in a pocket, preventing condensation and fog formation. The external area of the nose pocket has two thinner triangular smooth zones to simplify the equalization process. The connection of the mask to the head buckle is made through a special Cressi system, in which a hard rubber triangular structure strap is perfectly connected to the skirt. The adjusting system is straightforward and precise.

Tilted Lenses
Cressi designers have aimed to improve the field of vision, with two main things: a tilt of the 2.8 mm thick lenses for an additional 2°, from 15° to 17°, for a better vision in the lower direction and changing the shape of the lenses, which now have a wider lower profile. Cressi Calibro lenses are available in the HD Mirrored version, which gives them a more detailed view and better contrast.

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